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Léo Apotheker | My Life | Epilogue

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Tomorrow is the final title of my literary adventure.

Tomorrow is my dream…
Of a better world.

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.
–Oscar Wilde

I would like to dedicate this Tomorrow to my daughter.
I love you with all my heart.

I read a book.
A very sorrowful book.
A lengthy story.
The story of a form-changing war, one that settles in time and destroys everything in its path.

The title of this book?
Leo Apotheker | My Life, the story of Leo Apotheker’s journey; a life without love.
The author?
Leo Apotheker, in collaboration with his past.
The publisher?
This book has never been published…
How can one read an unpublished book? You can – with your heart. That which is essential is invisible to the eye.
Number of pages?
So many!

As I turned the pages, I jotted down some notes. For my own reflection, as well as your inspiration. This story is convoluted and confusing. So confusing in fact, that you got lost in it.
There were moments where I got lost, too. I am only human.
Some of my notes reflect my state of mind at those particular moments, which in turn rendered the story more perplexing for you.

These rough drafts represent some 200 pages… They are yours, there on the site.
You found your way and you settled in.
Thank you for coming. Thank you for staying.

My intention was to provide you with even more pages and pages to read through. Pages bound together.
A translation of sorts, for the average Joe, of the story of an extraordinary man. The man who could have left behind an exceptional legacy for future generations. He could have done so, had he not grown up in a world of hate.

There are missed encounters, and those who happen by coincidence…
One summer evening I met someone… Let’s call him Blue Lizard.
We spent hours and hours talking.
This encounter rewrote the end of my project.
On that August evening, coincidentally on the same day as the birthday of Jessica Apotheker, Leo’s daughter.

Blue Lizard asked me, “Caroline, are you certain you wish to add another book to the shelves of book stores, a slowly disappearing commodity? These volumes that pile up in stacks, that no one takes the time to read anymore…”

Jacques crossed my mind at that point. Jacques could have changed Leo Apotheker’s fate. If only Leo Apotheker hadn’t cancelled that meeting.
A question Jacques once asked has been lingering in my mind for a long time: “Caroline, what is the final message you wish to convey?”

The final, closing message is… Tomorrow.
One cannot change the past; however, one can create the future. Different. Better. Human.
Tomorrow is something to act on, not to read about…

I needed those two years…
To initiate, with valuable contributions from Jacques, René, and some of you, encounters of tomorrow at Greatness Square.

Greatness Square…
How does one get there? By passing through the Respect Garden.
Jacques will show you the way. At dusk, René Villemure will light the lanterns.
It will be a gathering for those who have the courage and charisma to take on shaping the future.

See you… tomorrow!

I hear a whisper in my ear: “You forgot about Leo Apotheker.”
No, not at all.
The decision is his to make. Either to join us at Greatness Square, or to be buried on Failure Lane.

There are several roads that lead to Greatness Square. You could walk across Success Avenue or go down Yellow Brick Road, but you cannot get there without passing through the Respect Garden.
You might pick a rose for me there. I love roses; they remind me of my grandmother. I am who I am thanks to her.

Happy Birthday, Léo!
Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Thank you all and see you at Greatness Square! As of tomorrow.
I am counting on you!

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Yes?… Did I forget something?
Plattner and the others? Those in Little Mind Park
, Wannabe Circle
, Short Sight Alley
 and Failure Lane?
René will guide them.
Perhaps we’ll see them one day, walking up the steps of Greatness Square. What a marvelous victory that would be. The victory of the good. My dream come true.

One more thing… One more time for those in the Mental Midget Corner who took a shortcut to strip down the story, my daughter is not Leo’s daughter.