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Music begins where the power of words ends. –Richard Wagner

I am counting on Paul McCartney.

Las Vegas is far from being my favorite place. This week is not my week, either. I have the blues.

First, an off-key start – a cacophony, rather: SAP sponsoring the initiatives of Leo Apotheker… (??!)
I am pretty sure that even Freud himself would have trouble explaining that one.
Not sure which of the two, Leo or Hasso Plattner, should lie on the couch.

In the spring of 2010, the following claim (from my SAP American Dream) created “a few” sparks…
“The main difference between Leo Apotheker and Bill McDermott is that Leo is the content without the packaging and Bill is the packaging without the content.”
One can never be sure if their argument is right… That is, until time confirms it.

It certainly is a shame that Don Tapscott appeared on the Vegas stage after Bill McDermott.
The reverse would have allowed Don’s birds to murmur an eerie song upon Bill’s exit from the stage.

Special thanks to Don Tapscott and all his birds of hope that accompanied him on stage.
Don, I am not completely sure that everyone was following your train of thought…
Either way, you have already begun your contribution to my project (and quite a substantial one at that), though unconsciously and slightly ahead of time.

To change the world That was part of my challenge when I was trotting behind Léo in the role of his conscience.
The result? Perhaps it will be limited to the few hundred pages on the life and the impossible dream of Leo Apotheker…
Perhaps this book will inspire another “Leo”, to one day break free of his chains and go beyond the “impossible”, to confront the world instead of fleeing it.

If I have had the blues since Monday, it is definitely not because of Bill McDermott.
What is not important to us does not affect us.
It is the protagonist of the story himself who has thrown me into this state of mind.
A zoom (yes, everything is gigantic in Vegas) into the gap between the man and the businessman…
And a new title that I see all too clearly now, spreading across the cover of the book.
It is this very title that has been haunting me since, and that has sucked me into this odd feeling of glumness; a feeling so rare to me…

McCartney – Cue music!

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