Teradata SAP Lawsuit
Davos 2018

I have not said enough… You have asked for more.

The world is changing; since 2017, what was once mere hope has turned into reality.
However, the Teradata lawsuit will not be the SAP lawsuit. Why? Because of timing, location and the people involved.
The location – California, a “sanctuary state” – is wrong. It is one of the worst places to talk about justice right now. Even if, globally, justice is on its way.
The time is not now. Not yet.

You may or may not know that I have been a Swiss political refugee since 2014. The credit goes to #SAPCriminalMinds. The first page of my asylum request in Iceland – in February 2015 – has been public since May 2016.
Iceland… the country of Wikileaks, Snowden’s story, CIA influence, a financial crash and much, much more… Iceland is not what you may have learned from #FakeMedia.
The Icelandic part of my journey is absent from my website, except for a few breadcrumbs – deliberately so. I have to keep my best cards hidden for the moment.

So, I am a target because #SAPCriminalMinds (and their handlers) are dead scared of what I may know, what I may tell, what I may do, and what I may have discovered over two years of working on Léo Apotheker’s biography.
Their state of panic has driven them to act in highly incriminating ways during the last six years; providing me with more than enough evidence against them.
They are tracking, but they are also being tracked.
They never imagined that they might lose one day.

These last six years have allowed me to discover who is who and, most importantly, who I am.

Let’s get back to the Teradata lawsuit…

Christian Bergmann, the German investigative journalist behind the Der Spiegel article, spent a few days in Iceland to meet with me in 2015. This article is seen by the media as a trigger for the Teradata-SAP lawsuit; however, it is poorly written (not in the grammatical sense). Worse: intentionally poorly written. Do not expect Germany, their media, or their “investigation” to shine the light on their very own SAP crimes.
They are only “investigating” in order to mask the real evidence… to silence.

Teradata SAP Lawsuit

Bergmann met with me in Reykjavik only after the article had been published (Der Spiegel, Issue 37, September 2015). To make things clear, I did not contribute to the content of that article in any way. There was, however, someone else’s contribution… Someone in no way related to SAP.

My meeting with Bergmann began with me asking the following question:
“So, you have been investigating SAP for a while now. You based your article on a collaboration with Lionel Bieder, someone who was never linked with SAP – neither up close nor from afar. Why is that, exactly?” His answer? To be revealed when the time is right.

The final note from our work sessions? Bergmann questioned Thomas Waldbaum’s credibility, consequently losing his own in my eyes.
It should be noted that there are people working full-time to make others question my credibility.
I have 17 years of experience in the SAP saga under my belt – enough to know that the Bergmann-Bieder duo is playing a very risky game.
According to Bieder, they are friends and partners. Makes sense.
Bergmann came to Iceland to cause chaos; but Iceland is a very small country, one where chaos is easy to track.

Der Spiegel is not any different than CNN…  #FakeMedia #propaganda
And Bieder? Simply put, he is a manipulator.

The Teradata-SAP lawsuit will not be the final curtain of SAP’s criminal journey. There are more lawsuits to come. IP matters are far from SAP’s biggest crimes.
In the end, Bill McDermott will no longer be hiding behind his dark glasses.

I can assure you that justice will be served. In a not-so-distant future. At the right time and the right place, with or without my contribution. Those in charge of bringing justice know the whole truth. The evidence is there – all of it.

My mission on Earth? “Just be who you are.”
I am. I have always been.

You ask, “Will you win?” Wrong question. I have already won.

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win. —Sun Tzu


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