Be the change you want to see in the world.
– Mahatma Gandhi

Léo Apotheker My Life

April 5th, 2013

I’d like to share a conversation with you.
A conversation with the wife of a former SAP executive.
Under the mask. The name has been changed.

Hi Caroline,
I ‘ve stumbled over your site and followed your entries for a while, feeling more and more confused about your intentions.
At the beginning I had the impression that you wanted to defend him (“stop blaming L.A.”), but in the meantime it looks the opposite.
Why do you give so much importance to this man and sacrifice so much time and strength for him?
Isn’t he just a comparatively mediocre man, who used to profit from some success he had during his first years at SAP? And then failed…who in the world cares? Why you?
You seem so focused on him and swaying in your intentions while writing your book…
I’ m just curious. I met Leo a couple of times and found him just a normal, maybe over- ambitious businessman, but in no ways worse than those around him.

you may find some answers in Beyond the Silence
He sent me to my grave. This is criminal. I simply cannot defend him anymore.

thank you for responding…
I can understand your motives but still wonder whether this man is worth the trouble – in fact if any of his kind is.
I’m married to one of SAP’s ex board-members and from […] onwards have seen the company grow out of a small Walldorf nucleus into a global company.
Parallel to that development I watched my husband change from a human being into something like a robot after he had taken on his executive responsibilities in […].
Family life was reduced to next to nothing, everyone walking on tiptoes not to molest their master when he was at home sleeping away his business stress.
The businessman was largely busy with himself.
I guess this was the same with Léo and behind the scenes all that glitters on Liliane’s surface cannot be gold.
In a way these man are victims themselves which is no excuse, they always have a choice.
I wish you luck with your project, don’ t let yourself be consumed by it!
Kind regards,

Thank you for your time and your kindness but you missed the point…
This is extremely serious. I am dying because of him. A child is losing her mother.
Léo Apotheker will be a criminal for the rest of his life, just because he has no courage to be a human being and because he has no friends or family to tell him that he is in the wrong.
It is not about business anymore.
By the way, Plattner is not helping.
Kind regards,

Oh dear,
Plattner is a predator- expecting help from him is futile unless he sees profit for himself.
Of course I can’ t judge your very personal background in this affair, it sounds serious enough, though.
I certainly don’t want to minimise anything.
If the project helps you to feel better, it’ s quite justified, but you should not expect to create a better world…
Good luck and kind regards,

Plattner is a predator… I would say… a ghost.
If I look at both of my hands.
All ten fingers…
I see far too many to count those who were worth meeting during the SAP years.
A quarter of my life.
One hand’s fingers are still too many. And that means absolutely everything. (excerpt from I, Robot)
“You should not expect to create a better world…”
Alive, probably not. Dead, you will be surprised…

To Mahatma Gandhi…
“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
I will.

To Emma,
I am telling you that I am dying because of Léo and you… are wishing me good luck.
This perfectly describes the crappy world of SAP.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow.
No excuse.

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