Léo Apotheker My Life
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Portrait of Jessica Apotheker painted by Stéphanie Valentin, French artist – violinist and painter


Do you know why your father could not show the world his true dimension and his true worth?
Because he has spent his life being an unhappy man.
His greatest weakness is his own relationship with himself, and that in turn determines his relationship with others; which is the root of all his failures.
The world is very unfair – with your father, and well beyond.

There is only one problem in life; inevitable death. Everything else is just an opportunity to find a solution.
I will probably never be 58 years old… I had to choose between having more years to live and writing your father’s biography, and I chose the latter.

I will do whatever it takes to change this abominable image of your father that the world has created over the last two years.

I have not succeeded in earning your mother’s trust, nor your brother’s, unfortunately.

I cannot, however, turn the page of the father-daughter relationship as easily.
My father passed away several years ago in a hospital emergency room; I never had the chance to say goodbye, and have been living with an immense void every since.
My father’s life resembled your father’s in many ways…

I do not know whether you have given up on me or if you have given up on your father. Either way, it saddens me greatly.
If there is one absence – from my project and from your dad’s life – that I truly regret, it is undoubtedly yours.


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