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Chez moi | Genève 2004

Caroline to Leo Apotheker March 2014

from French into English


So that no one tells me that you will jump out of a window because of me, or that I didn’t give you a chance to repair what can still be repaired.
Given that a huge part of the damage is irreversible. My daughter will never get back those years of our lives gone because of your bullshit.

The scenario:
From where we now stand…
To rewind, we will not return to Canada.
Rewind to Geneva, 2004.

Give me back my 250m2 loft in Geneva. Put my daughter’s piano back inside, too.
Put my Audi back in front of the house.
Fill my bank account back to its balance in 2004.
Cover my debts, both in Switzerland and in Canada – all of which are consequences of your bullshit – and erase all consequences of these debts.

Make arrangements with Plattner and the others regarding their contribution, without any participation from me.
I want to evolve within the realms of music and medicine, and do so without any interference from that rotten environment of yours.
I will disappear entirely and permanently from your life and your environment, and you will do the same from my environment and my life.

The case is already running at the Federal Palace in Bern, but there is still time to stop its advancement. Before March 21, 2014.

It’s up to you.
In writing, please.

A copy of this message will be sent to the person who showed up at my door on Monday, February 24, trying to convince me that I should give you one last chance to repair the damage.

Leo Apotheker | My Life

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